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As each person is unique, so is what is important to them, especially in regards to the environmental impact of the consumer goods they purchase. Consumers are seeking full transparency from beauty companies on their sourcing methods, production, ingredients, and overall sustainability practices. As 47% feel the most important in purchasing a product is that it is inherently sustainable, clearly communicating the strides your brand takes, and how the products you are launching to the market correspond with consumers drivers for a better earth, bringing you to the forefront of their purchasing decisions.

It is said that brands that use their voice to bring consumer attention to industry issues like sustainability are experiencing double-digit growth in a slowing market.

50% of millennials are making an extra effort to buy products from companies that support causes they care about. Sustainability is one of those causes, but there are many ways to appeal to the preservation practice that matters the most. You could appeal to:

This list can go on, but this all can be attributed to the product concepts you launch and the ingredients. Luckily, Azelis Canada can provide a myriad of ingredients to help you improve your sustainability story, and inform your customers of how you support the greater cause.



As 45% of millennials will actually refuse to purchase a brands’ products if they see it is not involved in social or environmental issues; it is important to consider at least one initiative, and a combination of any of the above shows the consumer the steps you are taking to create a more sustainable beauty brand and that you care about what they care about.


Lush Solid Hair Conditioner Bar

Sustainability story: Lush opened Naked, packaging-free stores throughout Europe. In addition to no packaging, there are no labels either. Consumers are invited to scan products using their app to understand more about the product and the sustainability of it. The store hosts a number of solid formats including shower gels, solid deodorants and facial cleansers that consumers can take home in their own packaging.


One Ocean Revitalizing Sea Serum

Sustainability story: One Ocean harnesses “blue technology” by reproducing marine extracts from algae, kelp, and seaweed. They start from key marine microorganisms and single cells to generate self-sustainable growth without disturbing the ocean’s ecosystem. They also have donated a considerable amount of money to Oceana, the largest global non-profit focused on ocean conservation.

LOLI Plum Elixir

Sustainability story: LOLI stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients, and their sustainability platform is Zero Beauty waste. One of their priorities is to repurpose organic food waste. This elixir is made from the kernel of the Plum which is discarded during the manufacturing process of plum based food ingredients. This product is also multifunctional, creating fewer products necessary for use by the consumer as it is a serum, moisturizer, primer, and hair treatment.