• Trigonox 101-20PP

    Trigonox 101-20PP is an efficient peroxide formulation for the production of controlled rheology polypropylene (CR-PP) in an extrusion process in the temperature range of 200-250°C. These beads form a masterbatch of the liquid Trigonox 101- 20PP allows a more accurate dosage of the peroxide to the polymer. Also, a more homogeneous distribution of the peroxide [...]


    CAS#: 78-63-7

    Market: Film & Flexible Packaging, Masterbatch & Pigment Preparations, Plastics, Recycled Plastic
    Product Type: Additive, Curing Agents & Crosslinkers
    Product Category: Peroxide, Polymerization Initiator
    Supplier: Nouryon


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