Anti-Microbial - Dry-Film - Interior

  • BIOBAN O 45 Antimicrobial

    BIOBAN™ O 45 Antimicrobial is a universal mildewcide used in the formulation of high quality, mildew-resistant house and trim paints, both latex and some solvent-based. Several years of testing exterior paints by exposure in the mildew – prone areas of the Southern and Northern areas of the U.S. have demonstrated the high level of protection [...]

    $0.00 Market: Adhesives, Architectural Coatings, Coatings-Architectural, Coatings-Industrial, Construction Adhesive, Elastomeric Coating, Exterior Paint, Exterior Primer, Exterior Wood Coating, Interior Paint, Interior Primer, Leather/Fabric Coating, Primer, Wood Coating
    Product Type: Biocides
    Product Category: Anti-Microbial - Dry-Film - Exterior, Anti-Microbial - Dry-Film - Interior
    Supplier: Dow


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