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Effective March 1, 2016, Invista is pleased to announce the appointment of Azelis Americas (EW Kaufmann, Ribelin Sales, GMZ Inc, PT Hutchins and Azelis Canada -formerly Unipex Solutions Canada) as their distributor for their Amine line of products: DYTEK®A (2-Methylpentamethylenediamine), DYTEK®BHMT (Bis-hexamethylenetriamine), DYTEK®DCH-99 (Diaminocyclohexane), DYTEK®HMD (Hexamethylenediamine), and DYTEK®HMI (Hexamethyleneimine).
Dan Gruber, President of the Azelis Americas CASE commented “we are thrilled to expand our relationship with INVISTA. Previously we only had a relationship through EW Kaufmann and based on our hard work and technical expertise we were able to expand the relationship to our entire U.S and Canadian footprint. We are confident this expanded partnership will allow us to grow the Invista amine business.”
“In the specialty markets that INVISTA DYTEK®products serve, it was important to find a partner who could provide our customers the superior technical and application support in addition to tradition distributor services such as local warehousing, reduced leadtime, and logistics services. We are confident that Azelis Americas fills all of these needs.” Kris Mitchell, North America Director for INVISTA’s DYTEK®Amines.


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